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Obermameads ObermameadsPS lit a candle on 01/08/2018: "TtsKbEPnjt emaj"
Benzenau Benzenau lit a candle on 11/07/2017: "Hello. And Bye..."
LucilleBusia LucilleBusiaM lit a candle on 10/01/2017: "Hello. And Bye."
Aterr#68 Aterr48OZ lit a candle on 09/21/2017: "Производствосветодио-дных табло для спорта, бегущих строк, табло для АЗС"
Ander#79 Ander68VY lit a candle on 09/10/2017: "Изготовлениесветодио-дных электронных табло, бегущих строк, табло для АЗС"
Katie Davidson lit a candle on 01/21/2016: "sorry that nobody help you sweet angels they should of helping you least you are not hurting anymore rip sweet angel"
Michele Johnson lit a candle on 11/26/2015: "My HEART hurts for your loss god bless your family and all who were blessed to know this baby -"
Sherilynn Koval lit a candle on 06/04/2015: "Sweet sweet dreams baby girl xoxo"
Rachel Jones lit a candle on 09/08/2014: "So sorry for the loss to the family, I hope Laura is happy as ever in heaven and this will never happen again to anyone"
Pat Cole lit a candle on 08/16/2014: "Reading your story hurts my heart."
Angela Smith lit a candle on 06/21/2014: "Poor Child"
Rebecca Rosales lit a candle on 01/27/2014: "Rest in Peace sweet angel. I am so sorry that you had to suffer the way you did."
Shatawn Cason lit a candle on 01/19/2014: "rip little angel"
Dianna Horton lit a candle on 01/18/2014: "rest in peace"
Shayne Arkley lit a candle on 01/17/2014: "If I was granted a wish it would be - to have been ale to save you from the monster - you are loved dearest brave angel"
Wendy Jones lit a candle on 12/30/2013: "sleep piecefully little angel in god arms"
Tony Gentry lit a candle on 12/06/2013: "More than candles, we need to light a fire under our butts and prevent, pursue, prosecute punish cowards who victimize"
Kristiina K. lit a candle on 11/30/2013: "No one can harm you now angel"
Dawn Hill lit a candle on 11/07/2013: "I am so sorry that poor little baby had to endure such a violent little life,rest in peace sweetheart."
Tina Harachis lit a candle on 10/23/2013: "Your safe now baby."
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